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I'm moving on

Not meaning to be a scenester or anything, but I have no idea about what's going on with this new 20six thing and it looks like more hassle than it's worth. It'a also about time I used my livejournal more, there are communities I'd like to join but can't currently.

Bye bye

28.5.06 12:50


The Mighty Boosh is a bad influence on me. I've spent ?15 of book tokens on the radio series (it counts as an audiobook) that should have been spent on, well books.

I'm sure when I start entries like this I have other things to say, but I always manage to promptly forget them.


13.5.06 22:57

Information Technology.

Gah, I really cannot be at all bothered with testing in IT. So, since I've been neglecting poor McBloggity here I thought I'd give it an update. Of course, I come on here all the time and sometimes I even start entries- I just haven't posted one yet.

Not much has happened. Field Music played an ace instore in HMV, I bought some skirts and became addicted to The Mighty Boosh (yeah, I'm slow).

Everyone else in the class is playing games I think. The sort of little stick men running around generic blocks type fare. Oh no, the stick man hit a wall and exploded into some red lines. I thought in this age of MSN, AIM and rest of it, everyone was a super fast typer but there are people in this class that still only use one finger to type. Oh, The Quade Dance is going to be on google videos so I might link to that when it gets verified.

Only Geography left before hometime, then I'll probably just end up in my room in front of the tv for a few hours. Lot to look forward to then, eh?


9.5.06 14:21

Blah blah update

I tried to update last night but I couldn't get on the site :/

I haven't done much really, yesterday I saw Brakes in RPM.


Made a Coffee & TV milk carton friend.

Today I've been tidying my room and as a result I have lots of old issues of the NME I am prepared to give away if anyone wants any. (I have about all of 2004/05)

(trainer not included)


21.4.06 18:59


MTV2's Top 30 of 2004.... that's about as far back as I can remember. Razorlight are on at the moment. I remember when I liked Razorlight and I was cool for it. Being a teenie was pretty easy mind. I can barely think back to what rubbish pop music I listened to but it was most likely Boyzone, Westlife and Spice Girls. I think when I was about 10 I lost interest in music, or whatever little faith I placed in rubbish pop. That would make it 2000, and I only grew into being a right teenie Franz, Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight fan at the end of 2003 and 2004.

I can't imagine seeing me now and thinking how 'twee' I've gone. I clung onto my pop-rock and removed the pop prefix.

I'm bored and I can't do anything because I'm the only person awake. I'm also going to stop rambling now.


18.4.06 12:18


Just got the Divine Comedy newsletter, none of the tour dates are close enough. The only one I could feasibly travel to is Sheffield but it's on a Sunday. Well, shouldn't really get my hopes up- nothing happens in my town. At least there's a new album. That's good.

Isn't Paint fun? I'm in IT at the moment. Our exams are getting marked.

Thursday's masterpiece;

4.4.06 14:21

The crazy mumblings of a crazy girl

My lack of online presence this week can be put down to the fact it's been the year 10 exams. I still have some left as well, Geography, I.T and French. On the other hand, I already have my Maths result! We all did pretty badly but the way I look at it 62/112 beats 17/112 anyday.

Friday morning was brilliant for me and Kiel- although it sounds silly when I write down but being silly is my speciality.

Kiel came in on his own, Matthew was late (shock horror!). Our tutor was doing her usual 'teaching in another school' act so we went down to the guidance centre to see Mr Smith. But he wasn't there, or in his study. So as we were waiting we saw Mr Thomson (not Paul Thomson sadly) walk across the house base followed by a string of year 11's.

"A-ha!" we thought "We'll go and hand in our application forms that need to be in today or else".*

As soon as this thought had time to cross our minds Mr Smith arrived, so we left a message with Quade- we were in and probably would go straight to the exam after the form handing in business.

'"Ah" said Quade , "I too must hand in the form of application!"**

"Oh dear!" we said "We'll be late for the exam!"***

"It matters not, for I appear to have forgotten my application form after all!" said Quade.

To Mr Thomson we marched for the handing in of forms (ours being the 7th and 8th of the entire year group) back briefly to Mr Smith and then to the exam hall. Our tutor, of course was nowhere to line up behind so we gravitated towards Mark and Quade who imparted the message;
"Set 1 have gone in."

Finally we reached our seats on the stage, exam papers before us, happily buzzing away to ourselves.  

* I can't really read minds.
** Quade doesn't really talk like that.
*** Me and Kiel don't really speak in unison. Or with so many exclamation marks for that matter.

I think there's a noticable point where I give up on simply noting the events of the morning and make a pretty terrible story out of them. Blame the copious amounts of Diet Coke I've been drinking.


P.S This is awfully sweet.
P.P.S I'll plug www.notadaffodil.com when there's actually something there worth plugging.

1.4.06 23:01

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